My name is Aaron Scott Lacy and I am a Hair Stylist, Educator and Artistic Director. I’ve been in the industry since 2005, with a base in precision hair cutting and an emphasis on serving tight curly, curly, wavy and straight hair. Natural hair’s perceived complexities has become a passion for me as I aim to simplify our understanding of pattern and it’s needs. Being consistently immersed in education helps me reevaluate and innovate my own workflow to ensure each service is custom tailored to the individual.

I find inspiration from the guests who sit in my chair to help them embrace their natural beauty. Learning about their lifestyle, interests and natural features to determine a suitable idea for their style. If you continually struggle with your hair, my job is to make things easier for you, with essential knowledge, guidance and practice.

When I’m not cutting hair I enjoy spending time with my wife Celine, enjoying beautiful San Diego. Anything outdoors whether it being skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking and road tripping in my Sprinter van are all activities I enjoy. You can usually find me at any of San Diego’s live music venues as I am an avid lover of a variety of music.

I look forward to meeting & creating with you.