A Simple Lesson Wavy, Curly & Tight Curly Hands On Haircutting

Sunday June 25, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Monday June 26, 9:00am – 5:00pm


Fibre The Venue

4521 Park Blvd

San Diego, CA 92116

Investment: $1000

Class is 100% hands on, limited to 10 participants and includes certificate of completion. Refreshments and lunch are provided. Follow link to sign up:

A Simple Lesson Wavy, Curly & Tight Curly Hands On Haircutting


Would you like ‘A Simple Lesson’ hands on education by Aaron Scott Lacy brought to your salon?

Immerse yourself in hands on haircutting education provided by ‘A Simple Lesson.’ Aaron Scott Lacy aims to challenge our collective approach of working with all hair types by simplifying the process. To understand the necessary components of building a suitable shape, while simultaneously providing a positive experience to a diverse clientele. Exploration is key to gaining knowledge on a subject and you can expect to receive answers to questions about design, culture and business. Through the process, you will level up your experience and gain newfound confidence to switch up your own approach in the salon, immediately.

$1,999 1 Day Class: Tight Curly, Wavy Curly, Straight (Pick 1)

$3,999 2 Day Class: Tight Curly, Wavy Curly, Straight (Pick 2)

$5,999 3 Day Class: Tight Curly, Wavy Curly, Straight


Tight Curly Cut #1 The Bob

Tight Curly Cut #2 The Round Curly

Tight Curly Cut #3 The Taper

Wavy Curly Cut #1 The Long Layered (Convex vs. Concave)

Wavy Curly Cut #2 The Layered Bob

Wavy Curly Cut #3 The Graduated Bob

Straight Cut #1 The Shag

Straight Cut #2 The Layered Bob

Straight Cut #3 The Graduated Bob or The Pixie

Rate includes refreshments, lunch and up to 8 mannequin heads + tripods for your team. If your team has more than 8 members, the remaining cost of supplies is to be paid by the salon host. If the salon host would like to sell tickets to other licensed professionals, they must cover all materials for each participant. It is the responsibility of the salon host to cover travel and accommodations. Email [email protected] to reserve dates for your salon.

Follow this link to purchase: A Simple Lesson ‘Wash and Go’ Styling Tutorial

In this ‘A Simple Lesson’ immersive styling tutorial, we focus on 6 unique ‘Wash and Go’ styles on Tight Curly, Wavy/Curly and Medium/Tight Curly hair types. By challenging the norm of what working with ‘Natural Hair’ looks and feels like, we begin to find clarity in simplifying the process. The format of each style is designed to be educational for consumers and professional stylists alike.  We will focus on meeting hair goals, product selection, styling technique and many more key points that lead to a successful style. Level up your skills by building knowledge on the subject and continue practicing at home or in the salon.