Open to sharing about yourself in a creative, fun and supportive environment? Love exploring unique shapes and styles? Ready to partner with a professional to take a leap of faith?


I am always looking for people to partner up with to create content that is raw, unscripted and genuine. To be considered please email [email protected] with MODEL in the ‘Subject’ field. Include an expansive description of yourself, a clear photo of your hair down in natural light and why you would like to be chosen as a Model. The modified service price is $100 for your time, energy and participation.


-Sign a model release.
-Comfortable being and talking on camera
-Available weekday afternoons
-Dress, shoes and makeup, open to guidance

WE OWN THIS HAIR explores ‘The Big Chop.’ Creating the space to share the technical process (for professionals) from start to finish but most importantly, sharing the spotlight for story telling by those reclaiming ownership of their natural hair. The journey of inner reflection and acceptance is unique to each individual with a wide range of emotion that is scary, raw and real. I recognize that ‘The Big Chop’ is deeply rooted in culture that I respect, so it is with my best intention to treat each individual with the care, love and respect they deserve. Email a current photo of yourself, an inspiration photo of your hair goal & an expansive description of yourself to: [email protected]

‘The Big Chop’ is not a big haircut i.e. long to short. TBC is a pivotal moment for an individual that involves removing ALL damaged hair and leaving the remaining healthy natural hair in a position to flourish. It goes beyond just a haircut and typically involves a drastic overhaul in routine, while the owner learns how to work with a new type of hair. Partner with a trustworthy professional that can offer guidance, manage expectations and continue to be a resource for the long term.